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The iCloud for Windows version that let you sync Apple passwords is no longer available

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The feature’s rollout has not been smooth

Apple’s rocky rollout of iCloud password sync on Windows has hit another bump: you can no longer download the version of the app that allowed syncing passwords from your Apple devices with your Chrome web browser on a Windows PC (via Windows Central). Version 12 of Apple’s iCloud for Windows app released last week with supposed support for the feature, but the Chrome extension to make it work wasn’t available until two days ago. Now, version 12 is gone from the Windows Store, with version 11.6 taking its place.

Weirdly, the changelog on the Windows Store still says that the password syncing functionality is present. However, upon downloading, the app shows the version as 11.6 in the top right. We verified this for ourselves, and you can see there’s no password sync option in our first screenshot below.

The version of the app we downloaded today, 11.6.
Image of the iCloud for Windows screen, with the new Passwords option
Version 12 of the app with the passwords option, downloaded January 27.

As The 8-Bit notes, the late-to-the-party Chrome Extension is still available on the Chrome Web Store, at least for now. Anyone still on version 11 of the iCloud for Windows app, though, won’t be able to upgrade and take advantage of the extension anyhow. But if you currently have version 12 on your computer, Windows won’t make you downgrade to the previous version.

It’s unclear why Apple pulled the update — the reviews for the Chrome extension aren’t good, but many of them are users reporting that it doesn’t work on Mac, which it’s not designed for. Whatever the reason, this has been one of the messier rollouts I’ve seen from Apple in recent memory. The story, it seems, is the same as the last time I wrote about iCloud Passwords for Windows: if you want them, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Apple was didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.