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Microsoft Word is getting text predictions next month

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Word’s new feature is similar to Google Docs

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Microsoft is planning to add text predictions to Word in March. The new feature will work similarly to Google Docs’ Smart Compose option, using machine learning to predict what words an author will need to speed up document creation. Microsoft originally announced a beta of text predictions last year, but Neowin spotted it’s now on the Microsoft 365 roadmap to reach all Word users on Windows next month.

Word will highlight grayed-out predictions when users are writing a document, and the suggestions can be accepted using the Tab key or rejected by hitting Escape. Text predictions can also be completely disabled by Word users.

Word text predictions.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft also started rolling out identical text predictions in Outlook for Windows this month, allowing users to compose emails faster. These Gmail-like text predictions also rolled out to Outlook on the web last year, alongside a feature to let people schedule when emails would be sent.