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DC Comics is launching a podcast universe on Spotify

DC Comics is launching a podcast universe on Spotify


DC Comics will produce a series of superhero series

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DC is launching another universe to tell its superhero stories — but this time, it’s not on HBO Max or Cartoon Network: it’s on Spotify.

The publisher is working on nine shows for Spotify, including shows about Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Riddler, Batgirl, Superman and Lois Lane, and more — although DC creative director Jim Lee didn’t give too much more information about what those shows entail right now.

Spotify and DC Comics signed a podcasting deal last June. The multiseries, multiyear deal was part of a bigger partnership between Spotify and DC Comics’ parent company, WarnerMedia. The first project out of the partnership is Batman Unburied, which will explore the “darker aspects of Bruce Wayne’s psychology.” 

Competition within the podcasting space has heated up over the last few years. DC Comics’ biggest competitor, Marvel, has its own podcasting deal with Pandora. The company also has a deal with podcasting platform Stitcher for several series. Both Pandora and Stitcher are owned by SiriusXM.

It’s a good time for all three companies, as there’s more superhero content than ever before and interest from millions of people to find and devour new content. With shows like GCPD and Pacemaker coming to HBO Max (spinoffs of The Batman and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad), it’s a perfect opportunity to have content, well, everywhere. (Not to mention Zack Snyder’s Justice League is just around the corner.) For example, Jeffrey Wright will take on a role in a DC Comics podcast show for Spotify, but he’s also Detective Jim Gordon in The Batman.