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Stadia’s next exclusive is PixelJunk Raiders, releasing March 1st

Stadia’s next exclusive is PixelJunk Raiders, releasing March 1st


The release comes after Google shut down its first-party studios earlier this month

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PixelJunk Raiders is the next exclusive coming to Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service. The title, a third-person roguelite that sees you battle through procedurally generated alien environments, will release on the Stadia platform on March 1st. It’ll sell for $19.99 (€19.99), and it will be included free with a Stadia Pro subscription. An announcement trailer bills PixelJunk Raiders as “Only on Stadia,” suggesting this isn’t a timed exclusive like Crayta.

The announcement notes that PixelJunk Raiders supports Stadia’s State Share feature, which has previously been used with the Hitman games to let players to share specific parts of missions with one another. In PixelJunk Raiders, the feature allows your “placed turrets, traps and gadgets to impact other players’ worlds.” 

With support for Stadia’s State Share

The release of PixelJunk Raiders comes exactly a month after Google announced its decision to shutter its in-house game development studios, a division of multiple teams tasked with building original games for Stadia. Despite their closure, it seems Google still plans to bring exclusive titles to Stadia from third-party studios. 

Other previously announced exclusives for the service include games from Rock Band developer Harmonix and Until Dawn studio Supermassive Games, in a deal that was announced last year. It’s unclear if these deals have been affected by Google’s recent studio closures.

Correction February 24th, 3:08AM ET: This post originally suggested that the exclusive Stadia title from Uppercut Games was yet to be released. This is incorrect. Uppercut Games released Submerged: Hidden Depths in December of last year. We regret the error.