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Star Trek: Prodigy will debut on Paramount Plus first before heading to Nickelodeon

Star Trek: Prodigy will debut on Paramount Plus first before heading to Nickelodeon


The animated Star Trek show for kids will now premiere on streaming first

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Paramount Plus is getting another Star Trek show, the company announced at its kickoff event: Star Trek: Prodigy, the animated kid-friendly spinoff of the iconic franchise. Prodigy was originally set to debut on Nickelodeon, but it will instead air all ten episodes of its first season on Paramount Plus before eventually heading over to the cable channel at a later date.

In addition to the shift in location, Paramount also announced more details on the upcoming series, which will feature a group of teens adventuring on an abandoned starship throughout the Star Trek universe. Kate Mulgrew will return to voice Captain Kathryn Janeway, her character from Star Trek: Voyager. But Prodigy — the first Star Trek show intended for kids — will also feature a new crew of younger characters who, in a Star Trek first, will be entirely made up of alien species (via Variety).

The main characters of Star Trek: Prodigy.
The main characters of Star Trek: Prodigy.
Image: Paramount

The new show joins an increasingly crowded lineup of Star Trek shows available on the streaming service, including Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, the animated Star Trek: Lower Decks, the already announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and the Section 31-focused spinoff starring Michelle Yeoh.

Star Trek is one of Paramount and CBS’s most important brands, so its no surprise to see that the company will be looking to the science fiction franchise to help anchor its service as it begins it rebranding.

And much like CBS All Access before it, Paramount Plus will be relying on the Trek shows and films to help flesh out its library, too. The service is already a near-complete one-stop shop for all things Star Trek, featuring every TV series, both past and current (a list that includes Star Trek: The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise), along with a fair chunk of the films (although several of the earlier movies in the franchise, as well as the rebooted “Kelvin timeline” trilogy, aren’t available yet).

Paramount Plus is set to debut on March 4th. In addition to a wide catalog of Star Trek shows and films, the streaming service will also feature content from the company’s lineup of brands, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures, as well as live sports and news.

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