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Mission: Impossible 7 will stream on Paramount Plus just 45 days after it hits theaters

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As will A Quiet Place Part II and Paw Patrol: The Movie

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Image: Paramount Pictures

Paramount is dramatically shortening the space between theatrical and streaming releases for some of its biggest films, with the company announcing that Mission: Impossible 7, A Quiet Place Part II, and Paw Patrol: The Movie will debut on Paramount Plus just 45 days after they first hit theaters.

The rapid jump to streaming mirrors moves by other companies, like Universal (which has a deal with AMC to offer films as paid digital rentals just 17 days after they hit theaters) or Warner Bros., which is debuting all of its 2021 blockbusters day-and-date on HBO Max with their theatrical bows.

Paramount also promised that future films from the studio will stream exclusively on Paramount Plus after their theatrical runs, including Snake Eyes, Clifford, Top Gun: Maverick, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons film, and more — although the studio isn’t making the same 45-day promise for those films.

Additionally, Paramount has licensed films from MGM, like the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die and Creed 3 to stream on Paramount Plus in the future.