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First trailer for Pixar’s Luca follows two sea monster best friends trying to enjoy a summer in Italy

Will we get a bop as good as ‘Under the Sea’?

Trying to find friends can be stressful on its own, but when you’re a sea monster trying to blend in with the residents of an Italian town who just so happen to hate sea monsters, it’s even more anxiety-inducing.

This is the basic premise of Luca, Pixar’s new animated film coming later this year. The movie follows Luca Paguro, a 13-year-old sea monster who wants to see what life is like above the sea, and his friend Alberto Scorfano, who loves the human world. Together, they take on human-looking forms and explore around an Italian town, trying to live a carefree life and enjoy the simple things that humans may take for granted, like bicycles and gelato.

If that sounds a little like The Little Mermaid, one of Disney’s most popular animated films, you’re not alone. Ultimately, Luca is likely going to become a story about love, friendship, and acceptance — themes often prevalent in Pixar and Disney films. Directed by Enrico Casarosa (La Luna) and produced by Andrea Warren (Cars 3, Lava), Luca stars Jacob Tremblay (Room) as Luca and Jack Dylan Grazer (It) as Alberto. Emma Berman, Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan, and Marco Barricelli round out the voice acting cast.

Luca does not have a release date right now, but it’s scheduled for this summer.