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Oculus reapproved Virtual Desktop’s native PC streaming feature for Quest headsets

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This has come full circle

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Virtual Desktop

The Virtual Desktop app for the Oculus Quest has been updated to enable the wireless streaming of PC VR games natively over Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to go through the complex multistep sideloading process I outlined here. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time the app has sported this feature. Its developer introduced it in the app in 2019 but claims it was forced to remove it because Oculus was developing its own wireless streaming solution.

According to an interview with UploadVR, Guy Godin, the app’s developer, submitted the feature recently to Oculus’ App Lab, which is a newly launched fork of the Oculus Store for early access games and experiences. But interestingly, Oculus approved the feature for the app in the main store instead, and you can grab the update right now.

Godin shared to UploadVR that more than 90 percent of Virtual Desktop users have gone through the complicated setup process to enable wireless streaming. But with this new update, it’ll be far easier for new users to stream titles they own on PC like Half-Life: Alyx, Boneworks, and more without a significant amount of hassle.

You can pick up the Virtual Desktop app made for Quest for $19.99.