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Apple reports partial outages for services including iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, and Notes

It’s been a rough Wednesday for several of Apple’s iCloud services

Image: The Verge

A number of Apple’s cloud services are currently dealing with disruptions and partial outages, according to the company’s system dashboard. Photos, iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail, Notes, Contacts, Find My, and iCloud Backups are a few of the services that have been hit by the problems, which Apple’s site reflected as of 1:13PM ET (10:13AM PT) with a message acknowledging that “users may be unable to use this service.”

The issues don’t seem to be universal or particularly widespread, as iCloud syncing continues to work normally for several editorial employees at The Verge. My own iCloud Drive remains accessible at the moment, but I can see how this is frustrating for those dealing with the downtime.

Apple Music, the App Store, Mac App Store, Apple Books, and iTunes dealt with “slow or unavailable” outages earlier on Wednesday, but those have since been resolved. Hopefully it won’t be much longer before the rest of these partial outages are fully ironed out. This article will be updated once that happens.