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If Twitter’s dark mode has recently changed for you, you’re not alone

If Twitter’s dark mode has recently changed for you, you’re not alone


Some Twitter users had the dark blue turned to either black or glaring white

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Not the familiar dark blue.
Not the familiar dark blue.

The feeling of opening Twitter and noticing that something’s off probably isn’t a new one, but it usually isn’t related to the site’s color scheme. Yet some users (and Verge staff) are now seeing that Twitter’s desktop dark mode has gotten darker, or worse, been changed to light mode.

Twitter tells The Verge that the change from blue to black was intentional — it’s part of an update to make the Twitter website respond to the light and dark modes on your OS. Of course, if you miss the dark blue, you can bring it back by going to Twitter’s display settings and choosing Dim mode (instead of the inky black Lights Out or the bright Default), and the site should remember that preference.

If your Twitter switched from dark mode to light, though, the company says that wasn’t supposed to happen. That was caused by a bug, and could’ve happened to you if you had Twitter set to Dim or Lights Out mode but had your OS in light mode. Head to your display settings to change that back, if you want.

Image of Twitter’s accent and background color settings
Twitter should remember your color and background settings after you choose one.

While you’re there, you can also choose an accent color, if you’re tired of blue.