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Even you can afford Serena Williams’ gamer chair

Even you can afford Serena Williams’ gamer chair


What about the Elmo chair though

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There’s a great deal to gawk at in Serena Williams’ house, from the perfectly shined wood floors to furniture made of Elmo dolls. But there’s one item that feels out of place in house full of luxury: a cutesy pastel gamer chair. You can spot the oddly pedestrian item in a recent feature from Architectural Digest.

There’s no rule that a legendary athlete like Williams needs a bougie, high-end chair that costs more than most people’s rent. But given the other features of her house (see: hidden room and big clear piano), it’s surprising, and a little endearing, to spot something so... average. As Jezebel points out, Williams’ chair — dubiously named “Zeanus Pink Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Girl” because it’s pink, I guess — is shockingly affordable. Right now, it’s going for $189.99 on sites like Newegg.

Anyway, maybe it’s not about the price or quality at all. This chair? Only for girl.