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CBS All Access app had technical difficulties at the start of the Super Bowl

The company said restarting the app should resolve the issue

CBS logo (STOCK)

CBS All Access app appeared to be having problems as users tried to watch Super Bowl LV on Sunday. Users reported seeing an error message that read the app was “experiencing technical difficulties” and that “an error has occurred.”

Down Detector showed a spike in complaints for CBS All Access at around 6PM ET Sunday. Numerous users were complaining on Twitter that they could not see the game at all.

Todd Spangler of Variety reported shortly after 7PM ET that CBS was telling subscribers the issues were resolved and to restart the app.

It was the worst possible timing for the app to be unavailable as the Super Bowl between Kansas City and Tampa Bay was getting underway.

Update: February 7th, 7:18PM ET: Adds that the app should be working for most users.