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Kia releases teaser images of its next electric car, the EV6

Kia releases teaser images of its next electric car, the EV6


Built on the new platform developed with Hyundai

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Images: Kia

Kia has given its next electric vehicle a name and is getting ready to pull the cover off the new car sometime within the next few weeks. Dubbed “EV6,” it’ll be the first electric vehicle that Kia is building on the new platform it’s sharing with parent company Hyundai — the same platform that Apple was reportedly interested in using to power... whatever it’s building before talks with the Korean automakers broke down.

Kia released a few images of the car viewed off-angle from the sides, which reveal that the EV6 has a sort of hatchback-style shape. There’s a close-up image of a taillight, which appears to run across the entire rear of the car — a choice that’s becoming quite common in electric vehicle designs. Kia also released a video with shots of the taillight illuminating, as well as one of the EV6’s headlights.


The EV6 is the second electric vehicle to be recently announced that’s being built on the shared platform, which is called E-GMP. The other was Hyundai’s Ioniq 5, which broke cover in February.

Kia says the EV6 is also the first to use the company’s new naming convention for its electric cars, which will each be called “EV” and given a number corresponding to their place in the lineup. The EV6 is supposed to get a full reveal sometime in the first quarter of 2021, according to Kia, which means it’s likely right around the corner.