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Go read this: the fight over YouTube creator Tim Pool’s news site — and a cat

Go read this: the fight over YouTube creator Tim Pool’s news site — and a cat


Pool and partners were feuding over allegations of ‘internet schemes’

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Image: SCNR

YouTube drama remains some of the most interesting drama, and a new report from The Daily Beast on infighting at political YouTube creator Tim Pool’s news company — and the fate of a cat named Betsy — is no exception.

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer sets the scene with Pool’s background as a former Vice reporter who went independent as an alt-right-adjacent YouTube creator. But the meat of the report is the fight over Subverse, a news media site with a YouTube channel (renamed SCNR for a hilarious reason you should read the report to learn) for which Pool and his former business partner, Emily Molli, raised over $1 million to start.

Molli was joined by another Vice alum, Rocco Castoro, to get the YouTube operation off the ground, and the resulting videos feel a lot like Vice’s own documentary work. But then problems arose. “Tensions between Pool and his other partners flared...over who had access to various internal systems connected to Subverse,” writes Sommer. Those tensions would lead to Castoro and Molli investigating Pool for “unsavory internet schemes” and leave Betsy, Molli’s cat, allegedly held hostage at Pool’s mansion in Maryland.

You should read Sommer’s report on The Daily Beast for the complicated journey Betsy took to get back to Molli. But for now, remember: never let your cat go to a second location with a YouTube creator / podcaster.