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T-Mobile customers will get access to a better version of Pandora, free of charge

T-Mobile customers will get access to a better version of Pandora, free of charge


Pandora with ad-free stations on weekends and other benefits will soon be offered through T-Mobile Tuesdays

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An illustration of the T-Mobile logo.
The T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion is included on most of the company’s postpaid plans.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

T-Mobile has announced a new perk for its customers: a year of access to a version of Pandora with ad-free stations on weekends, along with a few other benefits, at no extra cost. This is not to be confused with Pandora’s paid premium service, but rather a version of the free service with a handful of extras. It starts on March 23rd as part of the company’s T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion, which is included on most postpaid plans.

Beginning next Tuesday, customers can get access by logging into the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and redeeming the offer through their Pandora account. After — ironically — watching a short ad each week, they’ll have access to music stations without ads over the weekend. They’ll also get early access to SiriusXM podcast episodes, SiriusXM original podcasts, and special “top tracks” stations. All of the features included with the standard free version of Pandora are also available, of course.

Access to this version of Pandora will last through March 2022, at which point T-Mobile’s users’ accounts will revert back to the standard free version. There are no current plans to offer this type of account to other customers, either during or after the promo period. It’s not exactly a promotion worth switching to T-Mobile for, but if you’re already a customer and you use a free Pandora account, it’s a nice bonus — so long as you don’t mind watching an ad to get it every week.