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YouTube TV finally adds Nick Jr. (and the rest of ViacomCBS’s channels)

YouTube TV finally adds Nick Jr. (and the rest of ViacomCBS’s channels)


Following the addition of MTV, Nickelodeon, and BET in 2020

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Image: YouTube TV

YouTube TV added popular missing channels like MTV and Nickelodeon in 2020 after striking a deal with ViacomCBS, but now the streaming service is finally adding in the remaining stragglers like Nick Jr. and MTV2, according to WhatToWatch.

The new additions include Nick Jr., Teen Nick, Nicktoons, MTV Classic, MTV2, Dabl, and BET Her. Generally these channels are spinoffs of more well-known offerings like BET and MTV, but Nick Jr.’s younger children’s programming will definitely have some parents breathing a sigh of relief. Dabl — which I had never heard of before today — is apparently ViacomCBS’s “lifestyle-oriented network” for licensing cooking and homemaking shows like Emeril Live and Martha Stewart Living. It’s probably great for a late-night marathon or your daily background noise while working around the house.

Unlike the original addition of ViacomCBS’s biggest channels, this new drop won’t come with a price increase to YouTube TV, but it is the most recent in a collection of small updates the service has received in the last month. In February, YouTube TV announced that it plans to offer a 4K streaming option and offline downloads. That same month, it also introduced a $30 add-on bundle that includes HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz for $5 cheaper than they would be separately.