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ChilledCow puts channel name out to pasture with a rebrand to ‘Lofi Girl’

ChilledCow puts channel name out to pasture with a rebrand to ‘Lofi Girl’


ChilledCow is now Lofi Girl

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The hugely popular lo-fi music YouTube channel ChilledCow isn’t just known for its chill, cozy beats; the iconic animations of the girl sitting and working at her desk are instantly recognizable around the internet. (She’s even being turned into a one-foot-tall figurine.) And on Thursday, the channel’s sixth anniversary, ChilledCow fully embraced the icon by rebranding the channel to “Lofi Girl.”

“This was a very tough decision to make, but the driving force behind it is the fact that ChilledCow’s name was chosen many years ago, and is no longer reflective of what the channel is about anymore,” Lofi Girl said in a statement on Twitter.

The YouTube channel is indeed called Lofi Girl now, and the Facebook and Twitter accounts are @lofigirl. (The Instagram account is still @chilledcow_yt, but maybe that will change soon.) Otherwise, the channel remains the same — there is still a live stream of the soft electronic beats to work or relax to, as well as a second, mellower stream, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

“Don’t worry, this change won’t affect in any way the content on the channel but will instead pave the way for many exciting projects for you all in the future!” Lofi Girl said. “The channel has been and always will be about music, art and positivity only.”