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Tinder will soon let you gift a Lyft ride to your date

Tinder will soon let you gift a Lyft ride to your date


Book a ride without leaving the Tinder app

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Tinder is partnering with Lyft to offer the ability to gift rides to dates without having to leave the Tinder app. It’s a small convenience if you already have the Lyft app downloaded, but like adding video chat in the app, it’s one less reason to switch your focus away from your match and to another app.

There’s no firm release date for the Lyft integration other than it’s “slated to roll out in the coming months” and Tinder has no visuals to share yet for how it will work in the app. Tinder does say that Lyft’s usual safety features like location sharing with family and friends will be available from the Lyft app for gifted rides.

Adding Lyft rides could be convenient, but there are some potential scenarios to be concerned about. Tinder was able to confirm that the Lyft option is not available until both you and the person you matched with agree to meet. But the finer details of ordering, paying, and tipping are still unknown. It’s also hard for either company to account for a last minute change of mind. Lyft drivers still might show up to a location and end up waiting for someone who decided they don’t want to go on a date after all.

Tinder has declined to share more than that, but the company did say more information would be available in the coming months. Until then, Zoom dates or Tinder’s built-in trivia feature might be the way to go.

Update March 23rd, 3:14PM ET: Tinder shared more details about the prerequisites for being able to order a ride.