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Grogu never stops eating, and now there’s a toy to match his appetite

Grogu never stops eating, and now there’s a toy to match his appetite


Keep it away from the fridge

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If you’ve watched even just an episode of The Mandalorian, you know this: Grogu is always hungry. The little guy, previously known as Baby Yoda, is constantly snacking, whether it’s on endangered frog eggs or newly spawned spider monsters. Sometimes, he just needs a nice cup of bone broth to tide him over. And soon there will be an animatronic toy to match his appetite.

Today, Hasbro announced Galactic Snackin’ Grogu — that’s the product’s actual name — which will release in October for $79.99. You can feed him with a spoon, let him munch on some strange blue cookies, or just give him a bowl of live squid. Given his propensity to eat anything, even if it gets him in trouble, the limited options are probably a good thing. Hasbro says that lil’ Grogu will let you know when he likes something or “what belongs in a trash compactor.” He’s also got some force powers and can levitate his favorite toy that he stole from the Mandalorian’s ship.

This is actually the second animatronic Grogu, following one last year that could coo and fall asleep. Hasbro’s senior design director Vickie Stratford says that when it came to creating a follow-up, “the concept of snacking opened up many fun ideas for our design and development team to create an all-new interactive experience.”

Hasbro says the toy will be available to preorder today at “most major retailers.”