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Spotify Mixes are new personalized playlists based on your favorite artists and genres

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Building on its existing Daily Mix feature

A selection of the new mixes Spotify will generate for you.
Image: Spotify

Spotify Mixes are a new family of personalized playlists populated with songs you already like and then supplemented with additional songs Spotify thinks you’ll like, based upon your favorite artists, genres, or music decades. The new Mixes are rolling out globally starting today for both free and premium Spotify subscribers.

The music streaming service already offers a similar feature in the form of Daily Mixes, which appear in the same “Made for You” section. However, the problem with Daily Mixes is that it can be a little hard to work out the unifying theme of each playlist based on their vague names like “Daily Mix 1” and “Daily Mix 2.” Sometimes you can work it out from the included songs, but other times it can be more mysterious.

In contrast, the names of the new Spotify Mixes are much clearer. A marketing image released by Spotify show playlists with names like “Pop Mix,” “2000s Mix,” and “Drake Mix.” Hopefully it’ll make it easy to know what kind of music you’ll find in each playlist without having to look at its track list.

According to Spotify, each Mix category will include multiple playlists, and they’ll update “frequently” to stop your listening from getting stale. Once available, you should be able to find them within “Search” in the “Made For You” hub.