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Hummer’s electric SUV will be revealed on April 3rd

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No word on when production will start

Image: GM

General Motors will reveal an SUV version of its all-electric Hummer EV on April 3rd, the company announced. The automaker unveiled the pickup truck version, with 350 miles of range and a host of high-tech features, last October.

GM, which is producing the electric Hummers under its GMC brand, wouldn’t say when the SUV is expected to go into production. The electric pickup truck will start assembly at the end of this year, with the highest spec trim level available to customers first.

GMC also showed off its pre-production Hummer EV handling some snowy conditions in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The company is highlighting the EV’s off-roading capabilities as a way to align with the all-important truck market, which has been largely walled off from the electrification trend until now.

GM retired the Hummer in 2010, after the global recession caused fuel prices to rise. Now, the company is reviving the brand as it pours billions of dollars into the development of dozens of new electric vehicles over the next few years. The company even redesigned its logo to look more like an electrical plug to emphasize its pivot to battery-powered vehicles.

The Hummer will be the first vehicle to be built on GM’s new electric battery platform, Ultium, offering power ranging from 50 to 200 kWh, allowing for a driving range up to “400 miles or more.” For trucks, the Ultium platform will include 800-volt battery packs and 350 kW fast-charging capability.