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Of course John Legere bought an $888,888.88 NFT from Steve Aoki

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It was really a matter of time

John Legere

Of course John Legere, the former CEO of T-Mobile, has jumped into NFTs by spending $888,888.88 on one made by Steve Aoki, according to Rolling Stone. It’s nice to know he’s keeping busy after stepping down from T-Mobile’s CEO gig on April 1, 2020.

The NFT in question is called “hairy.” It’s a 36 second-long video, featuring music — which Rolling Stone describes as “soundscapes in harmony with digital animations” and I would describe as “if Darude were making music from inside a Game Boy” — and this visual:

A portion of the Hairy NFT.
GIF: Steve Aoki

Not only is Legere’s ownership of the video permanently embedded in the blockchain, but he’ll also get a screen in some acrylic that will display the NFT, as long as he doesn’t sell it in the next two weeks.

This display screen is also included in the package.
Image: Steve Aoki

Aoki is probably best known for his music career. The NFT is the latest in a series of Aoki’s eclectic projects, which include a branded Street Fighter II arcade cabinet, and several Samsung commercials. According to Rolling Stone, his collection of NFTs with Antonio Tudisco visuals brought in $4.25 million, with Legere’s purchase as the biggest of the lot.

In a way it was meant to be: Aoki’s father founded the Benihana company of restaurants. There is a Benihana in the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena. Kismet, you know?