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The stonks guy is now in Fortnite

The stonks guy is now in Fortnite


Diamond Hanz is ready to ring your bell

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Fortnite has added a new skin to its collection that may look a touch familiar to internet dweebs. Diamond Hanz, introduced in Chapter 2, season 6, is a play on the beloved stonks man, but now on your squad.

By “stonks,” I am of course talking about this:

For 1,200 V-Bucks, this rugged and weirdly kind of hot version of Mr. Stonks (a Megan Farokhmanesh™ official, do not steal) can be yours. He’s here to dance and ruin my life.

Fortnite has an already admirable collection of skins celebrating pop culture, fruit, and more, but this one is especially... special. Why anyone would suddenly be interested in stocks, I can’t possibly imagine. It’s not like there’s been any reason to talk about stocks lately, particularly in relation to video games. GameStop? Never heard of it!