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OBS gets native support for Nvidia’s excellent noise-canceling tech

Available now in beta

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Nvidia’s AI-powered noise-removal technology does an excellent job at cancelling out background noise.
Image: Nvidia

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), the go-to software for streamers, is getting native support for Nvidia’s excellent noise-removal technology, the graphics card manufacturer announced today. Although it was previously possible to get the same effect by combining OBS with Nvidia’s Broadcast software, you’ll now be able to adjust the background noise-removal feature directly from within OBS. It’s currently available with the beta version of OBS Studio 27 and will be coming in a full release soon.

Nvidia’s noise-removal technology has been around for a little while, first as RTX Voice and then as one of the features built into Nvidia Broadcast. The AI-powered tool can cancel out everything from keyboard clacking to your PC’s loud fans. It’s a great addition to a streamer’s arsenal, helping to filter out distracting background noise so viewers can focus on game audio and a streamer’s commentary.

The integration means you can control the noise-removal feature from OBS.
Image: Nvidia

Nvidia says you’ll need to download its Broadcast Audio Effects SDK to get the feature to work with OBS, alongside its latest game-ready driver. Once you’ve got those downloaded, here’s how Nvidia describes the setup process:

To use the new feature, open OBS, right click on your audio source in the Audio Mixer, select “Filters”, click on the “+” on the lower left of the new Filters window, pick the “Noise Suppression” filter, enter a name, click on the new filter in the list, expand the “Method” dropdown, select “NVIDIA Noise Removal”, tweak the intensity based on how loud your background noises are, then close the Filters window. NVIDIA Noise Removal is now active.

The new integration arrived with Nvidia’s latest game-ready driver, which also adds support for Mortal Shell’s RTX update as well as six new G-Sync-compatible displays.

Correction July 21st, 7:39AM ET: Nvidia originally told us that users wouldn’t be required to download its SDK separately to use its noise-cancelling technology in the release version of OBS Studio 27. This is incorrect. The company has now confirmed that its SDK is still required.