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Nvidia’s GeForce Experience now optimizes settings for creative apps

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience now optimizes settings for creative apps


Lightroom, AutoCAD, and DaVinci Resolve are all supported

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Nvidia has released a new feature for its GeForce Experience software that helps users of creative applications make sure they’re getting the best performance out of their GPUs. GeForce Experience can now tell you whether you have the best settings enabled for more than 30 creative apps including DaVinci Resolve, Adobe’s Lightroom and Illustrator, and Autodesk’s AutoCAD. If certain GPU features aren’t active, you can turn them on from within GeForce Experience itself “with a single button press.”

For example, DaVinci Resolve users can automatically optimize settings for GPU acceleration in various modes, which may or may not have been switched on already. The idea is that GeForce Experience can now be a central hub for creative apps that helps you maximize performance. Nvidia isn’t doing anything specific here to actually improve how the apps work — though it is also releasing a new Studio Driver today for creative software — this is just a convenient way to make sure that you’ve set them up in the best way possible.

Nvidia focuses further on creators

GeForce Experience is an application for Nvidia GPU owners that’s usually associated with gaming-related functionality. For example, Nvidia releases “Game Ready Drivers” through GeForce Experience that optimizes new games for its GPUs, and the application can serve as a launcher for those games.

With this move, the software is further expanding its focus to encompass creative users as well, which is an area that Nvidia continues to concentrate on. Earlier today the company announced that its RTX-powered audio noise removal feature would be directly integrated into Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), the popular streaming software.