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There are a lot of dog poop robots in the season 2 trailer for Netflix’s Love, Death and Robots

There are a lot of dog poop robots in the season 2 trailer for Netflix’s Love, Death and Robots


The company also teased a third season for 2022

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Love, Death and Robots is heading back to Netflix for “Volume 2” on May 14th, according to a new trailer the company released today. The science fiction anthology series originally debuted in 2019 and was renewed for more episodes that same year. Now, Netflix is showing off a new bundle of episodes and teasing more for 2022.

The joy of a good animation anthology is the grab bag quality of it — experiencing a variety of stories, made in a variety of different styles. The original trailer for Love, Death and Robots played up the frenetic, over-stimulating feeling that sometimes gets associated with “the future,” but it seems like Volume 2 is taking a different tack, focusing on the drama and gravity of these new episodes’ stories and scoring the trailer with a track from the horror film Hereditary.

If last season was any indication, there will naturally be some misses mixed in with the hits, but this seems to be an intriguing collection of episodes. The episodes will explore all kinds of wild things like alien space whales, stop-motion Christmas, a giant foot, and that aforementioned dog poop robot.

A notable unknown is if Netflix will continue A/B testing the series, showing the episodes in different orders to see which get the most clicks. The company tested four different episode orders with the first season, something it would never have admitted if it wasn’t initially accused of targeting based on viewers’ sexual orientation. The specific claim about Netflix taking sexuality into account was denied by the company and never independently verified.

Love, Death and Robots Volume 2 will premiere on May 14th. Netflix says a third volume will arrive some time in 2022.