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Luigi is joining Lego’s interactive Mario sets

Luigi is joining Lego’s interactive Mario sets


A palette swap for Luigi lovers

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Luigi — everyone’s favorite also-ran brother of the most famous mushroom-stomping plumber — is joining Lego’s interactive Super Mario collection of sets in a new starter kit (creatively titled the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course.)

The new Luigi figure is technologically similar to the Mario one, with a built-in display that animates his eyes, mouth, and a main screen on his chest and a sensor on the bottom that’s used to scan barcodes and brick colors. The main differences are cosmetic here — Luigi looks different, and features different sound effects, voice lines, and character interactions.

In addition to Lego Luigi, the new starter course also includes a Pink Yoshi, a Bone Goomba, and Boom Boom for players to defeat — or add to their larger Lego Super Mario creations. The new Luigi character is also compatible with all the previous sets, should players want to explore their old courses from a fresh perspective.

The Luigi Starter course is set to launch on August 1st for $59.99, the same price as the Mario Starter course set. Preorders are available now from the Lego website.