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Spotify’s miniplayer for Facebook launches today

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You can play music and podcasts from your News Feed

Spotify’s miniplayer will allow people to stream music and podcasts from their Facebook News Feed.

Facebook is making it easier to never leave its app. The company’s partnership with Spotify is coming to fruition today in the form of a miniplayer for the News Feed that’ll allow people to play music and podcasts from within Facebook. Audio content can be shared from Spotify to Facebook, and once on Facebook, listeners can press play and listen to it even as they scroll around. It’ll be available on both iOS and Android and in 27 markets, including the US, at first. More will follow in the coming months. Users will also see the miniplayer on shared videos that have music in the background. A play button will surface after the video finishes where people can play the song.

Facebook listeners will hear the shared track, and once it ends, Spotify will continue to play music on shuffle, as it usually does. Free users will hear ads, too. The ads will come directly from Spotify, but Facebook will receive “limited data” about users trying the integration, including subscription type and metrics to assess the miniplayer’s performance. It won’t use this information to target ads, Spotify says, and listeners will have to consent to the data sharing when they first start the player.

This partnership comes along with a larger audio push from Facebook. The company announced multiple new features last week, including its Clubhouse competitor Live Audio Rooms as well as shareable, short sound clips called Soundbites. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also emphasized an interest in podcasts, and this partnership is one way people will be able to listen to shows without sacrificing any Facebook time.