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These USB-C earbuds are a trojan horse for Deezer

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It’s ‘pre-installed’ when the earbuds are used with Samsung Galaxy devices

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When used with a compatible Samsung device, the headphones launch a custom Deezer theme.
Image: Deezer

As part of a new partnership, Deezer will be available “pre-installed” on a new pair of USB-C earbuds from Mobee-K when they’re used with select Samsung Galaxy devices. Plugging the headphones into phones like the Galaxy S21, Note 20, or Z Flip effectively side-loads the music streaming service, without you having to visit the Google Play Store. It’s an interesting marketing tactic that could encourage listeners to give Deezer a try over bigger competitors like Spotify and Apple Music.

As well as offering access to the streaming service itself, Deezer advertises that syncing the earbuds with Samsung’s devices gives access to a “customized Deezer theme” which includes “wallpapers, exclusive playlists, and shortcuts to Deezer” via the phone’s lock and home screens. Galaxy devices going back to 2019’s S10 and Note 10 are supported.

If you’re not interested in giving a new streaming service a try, then the $22.70 headphones should still work with all of your other music sources. Mobee-K’s product listing advertises that they’re compatible with “most” USB-C devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.