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It took Google 526 days to give you a way to search through Stadia’s 172 games

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If only Google knew anyone with experience building search engines

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Stadia is an online game streaming service from Google, a company that is practically synonymous with search engines and the general concept of searching things online. Over the past two decades, the idea of “googling something” has become a standard part of language, so dominant has Google’s search engine become in popular culture.

On an unrelated note, today — 526 days after its initial launch — Google has finally added a search bar to the Stadia store to better allow customers to search through the 172 games currently available on the service.

In addition to the new, revolutionary search bar (which Google says will be reaching all players this week), Stadia is also debuting a new way to sort players’ libraries to track purchased, free, and Stadia Pro games. The company also teased an upcoming activity feed that it plans to roll out in the future.