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Nokia’s nostalgia-invoking 2720 Flip is coming to the US on Verizon

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Digital detoxers, rejoice

The 2720 Flip is a feature phone with a classic design and access to modern apps.
Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

Have you been dreaming of consciously uncoupling from your smartphone? Ready to embrace a digital detox lifestyle but want to stay connected to your friends? Are you nostalgic for the days of tapping out messages in T9?

Dream no more — HMD’s Nokia-branded 2720 Flip is arriving in the US soon. It’s an updated take on the classic flip phone, offering 4G connectivity and compatibility with modern apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps, and Facebook. Two years after its launch in 2019, it’s coming to the US on Verizon on May 20th for $80.

While in concept the 2720 Flip sounds appealing if you’d like to spend less time staring at your smartphone, in practice we found it to be more frustration than it’s worth. Keeping up with WhatsApp conversations via T9 is difficult, and lack of compatibility with password managers and banking apps make it challenging to live with the Flip as your primary phone in 2021. Still, HMD and Verizon have reason to think that there are US customers for this phone, so nostalgia lives on for now.