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Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2017

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Live blog: Google I/O is back for 2021

Google is actually doing it live

Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2017

After taking a year off, Google is back with its I/O developer conference for 2021. Like most tech events over the past year, this is not an in-person event and will be streamed over the internet instead. Unlike most tech events over the past year, this keynote will actually be live, not prerecorded.

What will Google announce at I/O? It could be anything. It’s a lock that there will be a deeper look at Android 12, but a late surprise is that Wear OS might also get some attention. Google usually has some kind of fancy AI demo, and there are lots of other products that could get some stage time.

Google I/O isn’t usually the place where we expect new hardware, but we know Google is working on the Pixel 5A and low-cost Pixel Buds — so they could be a surprise entry. And there’s also some rumored Nest hardware floating about, too.

Google has had two years now to prepare this keynote, so there’s one thing we’re almost guaranteed to get: a long event. Grab a coffee and watch along with us! We’re live-blogging it all.

Watch the Google I/O 2021 keynote live


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