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Spotify will auto-transcribe podcasts over the coming weeks

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With a goal of a wider rollout

Spotify says it plans to generate transcripts for all podcasts on its app.
Image: Spotify

Spotify announced multiple updates to make its app more accessible across iOS and Android today, including a beta version of a podcast transcription feature. The company says it’ll start auto-transcribing certain exclusive and original shows over the coming weeks as part of a beta rollout. People will be able to read the transcript with or without audio and can tap on text to jump to that point in the audio. The company says the goal is to eventually “enable transcripts across all podcasts on Spotify.”

This is an especially helpful feature for people who want to scan and move around a podcast, possibly to hear a specific segment, and for people who would rather read than listen to a show. Spotify is one of the first major podcast apps to make this an automated feature.

Along with transcriptions, the app will undergo visual changes, too, starting today, in terms of button colors, text formatting, and size. The idea is to make it easier for people with low vision and visual impairments to navigate and use the app. This should also help with low lighting situations or high screen reflections, the company says. Additionally, iOS users can also make the text size much larger through their settings. To do so, they have to navigate to Settings > Accessibility and then tap “Display and Text Size.” From there, they can tap on “Larger Text” to make the text as large as they want.