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Slack had some problems on Thursday for more than an hour

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Slack recommends fully quitting the app if you’re still having issues

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Slack experienced frustrating issues for many on Thursday, including for some of us here at The Verge. For me, some messages just wouldn’t send. But a little more than an hour after Slack first reported the outage, the company said that the issues were resolved.

“We’ve released a fix for this issue, and Slack is up and running once again,” Slack said in a post on its status site at 2:36PM ET. “If you are still experiencing any trouble, please fully quit your Slack app or browser using Command + Q (Mac) or Ctrl + Q (Windows/Linux), and then reopen it.” Slack first posted about the outage at 1:17PM ET.

The next time there’s a Slack outage, I highly recommend you cruise Twitter to see the ridiculous memes and GIFs that people post. You might not be able to work anyway, right?

Slack also went down in January on the first full work day of the year.

Update May 20th, 2:46PM ET: Slack confirmed that the outage has been fixed.