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The story of Basecamp’s disastrous policy

Basecamp’s CEO published a blog post about policy changes — it may have broken the company

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On April 26th, Basecamp founder and CEO Jason Fried posted on his blog about some policy changes that would be happening at the company, which makes team collaboration software. One policy stuck out to many on the internet — the company would no longer be allowing its employees to have discussions about society or politics on its internal account.

What followed was a tidal wave of public outcry, employees speaking out against the policies (and talking about what led to them), several revisions of the blog post, and, finally, almost a third of the company’s employees deciding to accept buyouts and leave. There has since been an apology from Fried, but it remains to be seen if any more will be coming — there are still accusations made by employees that haven’t really been addressed.

Whether you’re looking to get caught up on the saga, or want to keep your eye out for future updates, we’re collecting the story into one place here.