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Tinder will now quiz you on your vibes

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To give users more to talk about

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Tinder wants to give you more info on what you and a match have in common, so it’s launching a new quiz feature to help out. The quizzes, called Vibes, will pop up once a week and ask an assortment of goofy questions, from “_____ is not picnic food” to “Are you always 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late?” Users’ answers will be visible on their profile to other people who have taken the quiz; if two users match, their answers will appear in their chat together.

Vibes isn’t turning Tinder into a full-on OkCupid rival for endless, silly personality quiz questions. The answers are temporary, vanishing after a few days. So you’ll have to return to the app and answer new questions the following week if you want to participate again.

The question asks “How do you feel about cooking?” Answers including three options: “A nicer Gordon Ramsay,” “Low-key would rather starve,” “For survival only.”
A question from Tinder’s Vibes quiz.
Image: Tinder
Tinder showing common Vibes answers in a chat.
Image: Tinder

Tinder has already been testing the quizzes since last year, and it says they’ve increased “likes and matches across the board.” (Though the company doesn’t provide a specific figure on how much likes and matches have increased.) Vibes seems to be the latest attempt by Tinder to increase engagement and give users more to talk about. The app previously ran an interactive video series that let users talk about which decisions they made for its characters.

The feature starts rolling out today and will be available globally in late May.

Correction May 4th, 5:47PM ET: Vibes responses will appear in profiles to anyone who has taken the same quiz, not just to people who had the same answers, as this story initially stated.