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Twitter is ruining the open for a surprise meme with better image crops

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Your tall images living up to their potential

Image: Twitter

Twitter is finally rolling out a long-awaited feature: bigger images that don’t crop in so darn much. Now, image previews should show way more of the image, giving you a better idea of what you’re actually looking at, and avoiding embarrassing situations where Twitter’s cropping algorithm picks the absolute wrong thing to focus on (sometimes with apparent racial bias).

Twitter announced it would be testing the improvement on iOS and Android back in March, and it should now be making its way to everyone.

Those pictures should also be clearer, given Twitter’s recent update to 4K images — because some art just needs to be seen as clear as possible.

Of course, Twitter giveth and Twitter taketh away — the change will, for the most part, make the “open for a surprise” tweets not so surprising. I suppose it’s a fair trade-off to avoid the sometimes wildly embarrassing crops that used to plague the platform. (Or at least it is for me, someone who follows a ton of artists and is tired of scrolling past poorly cropped drawings that actually end up being really good.)

And hey, if you want to see those memes, it seems like the web version of Twitter on desktops is still susceptible. Hide on, tiny cat.

I’m on my phone, you can’t fool me.
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