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The final trailer for A Quiet Place Part II drops over a year after I thought it came out

The final trailer for A Quiet Place Part II drops over a year after I thought it came out


Time has lost all meaning

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Photo: Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount Pictures

Over a year after A Quiet Place Part II was set to release, Paramount has dropped the final trailer for it. It looks pretty good!

Paramount made the decision to pull the movie from the schedule back in March 2020 due to concerns over the pandemic. At the time, director and star of the first film John Krasinski tweeted that he was proud of it, but felt it needed to be seen in a theater for true impact.

The problem was Paramount had already blown its marketing budget for the movie when it was pulled from the release schedule. The world premiere was held in New York on March 8th, 2020. Critics saw it and many published glowing first reactions to it. Plenty of my friends saw it in early screenings and told me it was great. Emily Blunt appeared on talk shows hyping it. Billboards and murals went up all over the country with a big March 20th, 2020 release date plastered on them.

Then A Quiet Place Part II’s release was pulled and, at least in my neighborhood, no one rented the billboards and murals after the release date came and went. Ten-foot tall images of a beleaguered Emily Blunt and her kids making their way through an abandoned city lingered for months in my partially abandoned New York neighborhood. Every day I’d walk my dog on empty streets, and pass by them — weird time capsules of the before time.

And I guess I just forgot the film never actually came out. Until today’s final trailer dropped, I just assumed it had come out, and everyone but me saw it, and then Paramount just didn’t put it on Paramount+ for reasons known only to Paramount.

But with millions of Americans vaccinated, and theaters slowly moving toward reopening, A Quiet Place Part II is finally getting its big release. If you are like me and had assumed it already came out, you can now look forward to May 28th, 2021, when it really will, for totally real this time, be released.

And if you’re wary of actually going to a theater, given an alarming number of Americans are unvaccinated for a wide variety of reasons, and you’d prefer to watch it at home as we’ve all learned to consume our big-budget flicks, then good news! Paramount has confirmed A Quiet Place Part II will be on Paramount+ 45 days after it premieres in theaters.