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Google Assistant will sing you a song about getting vaccinated

Google Assistant will sing you a song about getting vaccinated


Can a digital assistant get vaccinated?

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Google Assistant
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Many of us are excited that COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available in the US, and it seems like Google Assistant is joining in. In fact, it’s got a song to share about it (via Android Police).

You can listen to the song yourself by asking Google Assistant to “sing the vaccine song,” but I’ve also recorded it. Take a listen.

Okay, hmm... where to start? I’ll give the music some props. It’s got a fun beat with a kind of crispy-sounding snare. I’d also call the synths “tastefully restrained.” Assistant will also, I discovered, sing the song in either a male- or female-sounding voice, depending on your settings. The range!

Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t great. If you’re not able to listen, here’s a sample:

Let’s celebrate that we have the vaccine To help us bring a change to this old routine It can help us build our immunities While taking care of our communities
To be fair, the subject matter doesn’t lend itself well to song.

Yeah, the presentation isn’t really helped by the emoji that punctuate each line. I can fully support the message: my hat’s off to the people who worked hard on developing the vaccines, and we should all get it so we can return back to normal. But I don’t think the best messenger is a digital assistant. I also doubt it’ll be that convincing to people who are distrustful of the vaccine.

(Also, who’s pining for handshakes to come back?)

I’m feeling a strong four to a light five on this one.