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Watch Elon Musk play Wario, parody SpaceX, and hype dogecoin on Saturday Night Live

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With a special appearance from Grimes

Elon Musk dressed as Wario.
Image: SNL

As you’ve surely heard, last night’s guest host on Saturday Night Live was not a charismatic movie actor promoting a new project but instead an endlessly hyped CEO named Elon Musk. Over the course of an hour and a half, SNL had Musk dress up as a misunderstood Wario, mock some of his more questionable ideas during a cowboy sketch, and play a version of himself set some years into a future where SpaceX has made it to Mars. Musk’s partner, Grimes, also made a cameo appearance as Princess Peach. I’ll let you guess which sketch.

While the show was streamed internationally on YouTube last night, those of us in the United States who don’t pay for cable were stuck waiting for clips to appear the following morning. As of press time, it is now the following morning. And as expected, the clips have appeared.

Here’s a roundup of Musk’s appearances ranked from best to “I haven’t watched them yet.”

Elon plays Wario (ft. Grimes)

Elon plays Elon (ft. SpaceX, sort of)

Elon plays a cowboy

Elon plays a dogecoin hypebeast (not himself)

Elon plays an awkward guy at a party

Elon plays a creepy priest

Elon delivers a monologue

Elon plays a doctor

Elon plays an Icelandic TV producer