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Donald Trump has shut down his blog

Donald Trump has shut down his blog


The blog disappeared not even a month after launch

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Former President Donald Trump’s blogging days are officially over. On Wednesday, CNBC reported that Trump’s blog has shut down less than a month after its launch.

The blog, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” launched May 4th as a substitute messaging platform for the former president after he was banned from Facebook and Twitter earlier this year. But as of Wednesday, the blog had been completely removed from Trump’s website. Jason Miller, senior aide to Trump, confirmed to CNBC Wednesday that the site “will not be returning.” The old blog posts are now archived as press releases in a separate section of the site.

The site ‘will not be returning’

Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter in January after a deadly right-wing riot broke out at the US Capitol as lawmakers were set to vote to certify Joe Biden as president. Shortly after the ban, Trump announced that he would be launching his own competing social media platform. 

When the blog launched last month, Miller tweeted that the “website is a great resource to find” Trump’s latest statements, but that it wasn’t his long-promised “social media platform.”

“We’ll have information coming on that front in the near future,” Miller said.

As of Wednesday, Trump’s office had no new details related to the platform. Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump has engaged in talks with platforms like CloutHub and FreeSpace to become his new favored messaging platform. The Journal said that Trump isn’t looking for equity in the new company, but what could be a licensing fee if he decides to join.

Much of Trump’s success can be attributed to his social media following. But his blog struggled to find the audience his Twitter feed did. Last month, NBC News reported that the blog gained only 212,000 total engagements, a much lower engagement rate than the former president’s tweets.