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Stranger Things’ Starcourt Mall comes to Roblox

Stranger Things’ Starcourt Mall comes to Roblox


With mini-games and cosmetic items inspired by the Netflix show

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Starcourt Mall, the central location from season three of Stranger Things, is now a playable location in Roblox, the company announced today. The level includes four mini-games based around the Netflix show, as well as quests that reward players with Stranger Things-themed cosmetic items like a Scoops Ahoy costume, Dustin’s Hat, or Eleven’s Headgear. The experience is available in Roblox now.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most iconic shows, and now it has a persistent space in the Roblox Metaverse where fans can experience and interact with the franchise in exciting new ways,” said vice president of brand partnerships at Roblox, Christina Wootton. “Roblox is the new social hangout, much like the local mall back in the 80s where teens came together. The virtual Starcourt Mall is a similar setting reimagined within Roblox that opens up unique possibilities to engage and grow the show’s global audience.”

A slice of Stranger Things before season 4 airs

Playable mini-games include “Hawkins Lab Escape” which Roblox describes as a game of “multiplayer cat-and-mouse.” There’s also a turn-based dice game, a slingshot shooting gallery, and a delivery game where you have to race to deliver Scoops Ahoy ice cream. But Roblox is styling the overarching virtual location as an “experience” rather than a “game.” It’s a distinction that’s become important in light of the Epic vs Apple trial, which focused on the often blurry lines between the two categories, and hence the App Store rules they have to follow.

Stranger Things’ Roblox tie-in arrives while season four of the show, announced in September 2019, still doesn’t have an official release date. Netflix was only able to film for around two weeks at the outset of 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic put production on hold until September that year. But the release of a second teaser trailer early last month hopefully means its release can’t be too far away.