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Microsoft’s own Windows 11 livestream runs into technical difficulties

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Senior adviser tells people to switch to YouTube

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Anyone trying to watch Microsoft’s Windows 11 reveal over on its official website may have noticed the stream ran into a number of technical issues, including buffering and dropouts. It got so bad that the technical adviser to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was forced to respond, tweeting a link for viewers to watch the livestream on YouTube instead.

Only the YouTube livestream wasn’t actually an official Microsoft stream at all and was technically a repost from the retailer Newegg. It just goes to show that live video is pretty damn hard, even if you’re a massive $2 trillion juggernaut like Microsoft.

For our part, we’ve found that the event’s Twitter livestream has been pretty reliable. If you want to get your Windows 11 info from an official Microsoft source, it might be the best way to go. Otherwise, check our live blog for all of the latest details as they happen, or find Newegg’s stream below.