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The Thermapen One promises to make the best meat thermometer even better

The Thermapen One promises to make the best meat thermometer even better


Faster than ever for even more perfectly cooked steaks

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The ThermoWorks Thermapen is legendary among chefs as the gold standard in kitchen thermometers, affording the fastest and most reliable temperature readings around. And today, the company has revealed its latest model: the $105 Thermapen One, which promises to achieve even faster temperature readings: less than a second (hence the name).

ThermoWorks says the new thermometer is the only sub-second instant-read thermometer that can take a “full temperature reading” — technically five full readings in order to reduce uncertainty — without using estimations or predictive algorithms.

The company says it spent more than five years developing the new thermometer, which features an improved thermocouple system developed in conjunction with Electronic Temperature Instruments to balance the faster speed with the delicate electronics.

In addition to the faster sensor, the Thermapen One also adds a few quality-of-life features, including a brighter backlight that’s better at adapting to ambient light and a redesigned battery door that’s easier to open (which does still require a screwdriver to maintain its IP67 water resistance, something that’s important given that it’s meant to be used in kitchens). It also has a longer five-year warranty, which is good to see given its relatively expensive price tag.

Admittedly, the Thermapen One is probably overkill for most home chefs; ThermoWorks offers a cheaper $35 Thermopop thermometer that can achieve readings in a comparatively glacial three to four seconds. But if you’re the kind of chef who really needs to-the-second or absolutely accurate temperature readings, the new Thermapen One seems like a great option.

The Thermapen One renders the old Thermapen Mk4 obsolete, and it will be sold at a slightly higher $105 price point. If you’re a chef on a budget who can tolerate ever-so-slightly longer speeds, the company is selling out the rest of the Mk4 models at a discounted $69 price. Preorders for the Thermapen One start today, with shipping starting in mid-July.

Update, 7:15PM ET: The new battery door does still require a Philips-head screwdriver to replace the AAA battery.