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ADT and Ring reach settlement in trademark dispute over octagonal blue signs

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Ring will start selling a redesigned Outdoor Siren

Image: Ring

ADT has settled its trademark dispute lawsuit against Ring, which it brought against the Amazon-owned company because of what it called a “striking similarity” between Ring’s Outdoor Siren and ADT’s blue octagon signs. According to ADT’s press release and a statement from a Ring spokesperson, Ring will stop selling the current design of its Outdoor Siren and release a new version.

The Ring Outdoor Siren versus ADT’s sign.
Image: ADT v. Ring court filing

ADT filed the suit in April, asking a judge for both cash compensation and a halt on Ring selling products that looked like ADT’s blue sign. Neither company mentioned whether there was a monetary amount as part of the settlement, only that they were “pleased to have reached a mutually agreeable resolution.”

Currently, Ring’s US page for the Outdoor Siren leads to a 404, but the product is still available in the UK.

The two home security companies have had disagreements before: in 2017, Ring was ordered to stop selling certain products after ADT claimed the company had benefited from proprietary information. The two companies reportedly ended up settling that case. ADT had also previously asked Ring to make its outdoor sign look less like ADT’s.