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AdBlock glitch blanks out content on Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon, and other sites

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Updating filter lists should solve the problem

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If the internet has looked a little empty to you over the last day or so, check to see if your browser is using AdBlock or Adblock Plus. According to several users, ad blockers have inadvertently wiped out the content they’re looking for on a number of mainstream sites.

It’s unclear exactly what caused the problem, but the issue should either resolve itself or it can be fixed by going into settings and requesting an update for your filter lists. In an email, the Adblock Plus support channel confirmed the problem “has already been fixed” without going in depth about what it was. Several posts on social media pointed to a recent change in filtering that works in other blockers but was interpreted by Adblock Plus to block content tagged as “media.”

There’s no public statement available from the Adblock Plus social channels or owners eyeo GmbH, but at least the problem was only temporary.