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Apple adds welcome privacy features to Mail, Safari

Apple adds welcome privacy features to Mail, Safari


Say goodbye to IP tracking

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Apple has always stressed user privacy as part of its core mission. At its WWDC 2021 event, it announced it would be adding a spate of powerful new functions to Mail and Safari, as well as giving users broader insight into what their installed apps are doing with their information.

First, Apple’s Mail appears to have declared war on tracking pixels, which can be included in some emails to give third parties insight into if or when their messages were opened — though it didn’t provide much detail on how it will win said war. According to Apple’s manager of user privacy software Katie Skinner, Mail will also now hide user IP addresses by default. Safari, likewise, will hide IPs.

More surprisingly, Apple announced it’s adding an App Privacy Report, which will live in settings and provide an overview of, as you might have guessed, privacy-related matters as they relate to installed apps. For example: how often apps use your contacts, microphone, location, or other data and identifiers. The App Privacy Report will also show which third-party domains are receiving your information.