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Apple is building video and music sharing into FaceTime

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The feature is called SharePlay, and it has Hulu and TikTok on board

Apple is bringing video and music sharing to FaceTime through a feature it’s calling SharePlay. Using SharePlay, people will be able to watch or listen to content in sync with everyone else on the call, either by casting the content to an Apple TV device while staying on the call or by watching both on the same screen using Picture in Picture.

Using the Apple Music integration, users will be able to collaboratively queue up multiple songs (with, of course, the ability to skip songs if someone gets a little too chaotic with the virtual aux). When sharing videos through FaceTime, users will be able to see the other people on the call on top of the video, which will be playing in-sync for everyone.

Of course, you can share Apple TV Plus shows using SharePlay.
Image: Apple

SharePlay won’t be limited to just Apple TV Plus and Music, though — it’s an API that other developers can integrate their services into, and Disney Plus, Hulu, TikTok, and more are already on board (though Netflix is notably absent). Apple is also building in the ability to share your screen through FaceTime as well.

These services will support SharePlay.


Correction: A previous version of the article stated that SharePlay would be available for FaceTime on the web. That is not accurate, and we regret the error.