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Plex’s free TV service gets 15 new channels

Plex’s free TV service gets 15 new channels


Nearly 200 channels are currently free to stream

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Image: Plex

Plex, the popular build-your-own streaming service, has added 15 new channels to its ad-supported streaming offering for free TV.

All of the new channels available on Plex’s free Live TV feed arrive on the service today, and most will be available globally (though a spokesperson told The Verge that some are available in Latin America or the US only). Plex originally launched the free TV feature last year as a collection of pre-programmed, continuous channels rather than traditional over-the-air streams. So it’s not quite live TV, but it does offer a similar linear experience if you’re just looking to throw something on.

Of these new channels, some notable additions include MMA TV, USA Today, USA Today Sportswire, and the Tribeca Channel. The full list of channels added today are, with summaries from Plex:

  • AfroLandTV (Global)
  • WildEarth (Global)
  • Johnny Carson TV (Global)
  • The Carol Burnett Show (Global)
  • MMA TV (Global)
  • USA TODAY (Global)
  • USA TODAY Sportswire (Global)
  • Motorvision TV (Spanish, available in the US, Latin America, and Spain)
  • MST3K (US and Canada)
  • Shout! Factory TV (US and Canada)
  • Tribeca Channel (US and Canada)
  • Love Nature en Español (US)
  • The Walking Dead Universe (US)
  • BUZZR (US)
  • Motorvision TV (Portuguese, available in Brazil)

Plex’s user-friendly Live TV offering currently supports 182 free channels, with 24 news-specific channels. IFC Films Picks, IGN, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Cheddar News, Newsy, and FuboTV Sports Network are among the more notable channels already offered. The service also supports filtering for HD-only channels. If on-demand is more your speed, the service also offers a bunch of free movies to stream as well. 

Plex is widely known as a customizable content server, which by nature makes it a bit of a piracy haven. But it’s increasingly leaning into a legitimized aggregate streaming option and expanding on its streaming partnerships.

“With [every] new addition, we’re focused on continuing to expand our catalogue to provide entertainment options that speak to everyone,” Shawn Eldridge, VP of strategic alliances and content, told The Verge.