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A fix is coming for those locked out of their Chromebooks by Google’s update

A fix is coming for those locked out of their Chromebooks by Google’s update


This follows another borked update earlier this month

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Photo by Monica Chin / The Verge

A bad update to Chrome OS, version 91.0.4472.165, has left some users unable to log in to their accounts, or reportedly with boot-looping computers (via Android Central). If you’ve found yourself locked out of your Chromebook, help is on the way: Google posted on its system status page that it’s working on a fix, which it expects to release on Wednesday. It’s also pulled the update, which should prevent more users from experiencing the issue.

According to Google, the only options to immediately regain access to your Chrome OS device (if it unfortunately downloaded and installed the update) will lead to the local data on the device being wiped. If you can wait until the new fix the issue is released, though, your device should automatically download that update as well. Or, you can manually trigger the update using the guest account. If your computer has downloaded the bad update but not installed it, you might want to avoid shutting it down or rebooting it until the fix is out.

The second bad Chrome OS update we’ve seen this month

If you can’t wait for the fixed update, Google recommends either “Powerwashing” (factory resetting) your Chrome OS device, rolling back the update with a recovery USB key, or removing your account and re-adding it. Again, all these solutions will delete local data on the device, so be careful. Google’s status page also doesn’t address the boot looping issues — Android Central says that if you’re experiencing those issues you’ll have to use the recovery USB key method to reinstall Chrome OS.

The broken 91.0.4472.165 update is actually the second bad Chrome OS update we’ve seen this month: Google had to pull another update around July 7th after users discovered that some Chromebooks were having their performance seriously throttled.